huhuhu..left a few days for my convocation moment..huhuhu
if i'm not mistaken, it might be around 7 days..
am i happy with it? lets check out..

for dis konvo, i prefer to wear a purple-blue theme --> include my parents..hehehe
my ayah wear a new kemeja n my emak with baju kurung.
me? bought new clothes ~kebaya lagi tu..with new tudung..hahaha
high heel? not yet in my list..br dlm ptimbangan..affraid if i wear it, 'sesuatu' will happen..hehe
then? juz waiting for that day..

p/s ; hear from some of my frenz, they plan to do a reunion before the day, but i dunno it might be will or not?

on that day, hopefully i can take many3333 pic wiz all my frenz n xclassmate MEDLAB... my family -->of coarse wiz jubah uitm,kerawang emas..n not forget with my BIG smile..hehehe..

ok, i'll see u soon..chow chin chow!


RoSe (^.^) said...

Hahaha...sgt semangat kak dic....siap dgn family2 lg sedondon warna...good2...

Kak Dic, wajib pakai la tumit at least 2 inci..better beli awal2 and practice pakai if x biasa...bahaya tue if hari convo baru nak menjinak2kan diri.hehehhe

missdicup said...

heheeh..rose,thanks 4 ur advice..heheh..eh,ble ms plak nek0.5" nie? bkn 1.5" je ke? wakakaka