Low confidence on me? I really2 hated it….

I've alwaz thought confidence waz arbitrary, bcoz I've alwaz suffered from low self confidence!

Dat is bcoz, peeps who r self confident hav no more reason 2 b self confident than those who r low in self confidence - they juz r confident! n dat is all that matters, really, when it comes to confidence - being confident. They can alwaz justify feelin’ good about themself - it's called having a positive attitude…right?

Yes, I hav had my moments of being confident but they hav been all too fleeting, until recently. Now, I just want to be confident!, otherwise my old attitude, over confident! Huhuhu…- I like how it feels inside of me and I like how people respond to me - it's no longer intimidating…huhuhu..

And I alwaz remember that self confidence is not about being better than someone else, it's about feeling good about myself. n as this self confidence quote says:

"Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are." -by Malcolm S. Forbes

So, to solve dis probs, I compulsion myself to seek the confident that I mislaid…here some simple tips to stop low self confidence on me!!!!

1) Proper breathing. Methodical of breathing is gives a sense of physical balance. One simple exercise on breathing consists of standing straight with your head turned slightly back. Fill your lungs with air by taking a deep breath and count up to ten before exhaling powerfully. This exercise should be performed twice a day at a minimum of five minutes per session.

2) Maintaining effective physical motion. Expand your chest as far as possible while throwing back your head and extending your arms. Use smooth movements not jerky ones. Try to extend yourself further every time you perform this exercise. As you do this, hollow out the back so it becomes a perfect arch. Next one should walk through a room and focus on keeping their steps of even length and body erect.

3) Practice speaking. Open your mouth as wide as possible and then shut it rapidly. Open it once more to its fullest extent and then shut it to a point where the jaw fatigues. This exercise is used to combat "heavy jaw". This is a feeling in your jaw that restricts pronunciation of words and causes people to hesitate or feel uncertain about their speech patterns. In addition to this exercise, practice reciting long sentences containing difficult consonants. This will give you the self confidence to speak more fluidly in public.
So, begin dis moment, I must do practicing these tips right away. To all peeps out there who hav same prob with me, lets try all the tips above..i think these tips are simple to apply and integrate in to our daily life right?

chaiyok33333x!!!!!!! Dicup, u can do it!~~~~~~~~

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